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Tributes & Memorials

Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo offers a variety of ways to pay tribute to those that that are special in your life or to memorialize those who have passed on.  Our staff will gladly assist you in helping to find the best way to leave a lasting reminder of those that are special to you.  

Recent memorials to Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo

Chuck F. Gill

2023 Gill, Chuck 2.jpg

Ronald D. Crook

Marilyn Schmale

Karon Litzenberger

Martina Roth

Greg R. Bordewick

Stanley G. Katz

Don't see the memorial name you're looking for? You can still donate online.  Just add the memorial name during the checkout process.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss


Enduring Bench with Text Inlay - Not available online. 

They are constructed from 100 percent recycled plastic and are very durable.  The three supporting backboards can be engraved with a name, statement or both.  The wording is limited to 32-35 characters per board.  We offer a bench renewal option for existing benches at the zoo for $1500.  New bench requests will be placed on a waiting list.  Please contact the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo for more information. 


Eucalyptus Pergolas-Currently unavailable

Attractive eucalyptus pergolas offer zoo guests welcome shade.  Extend a single pergola to a double or triple for an extra fee per addition.  Most pergolas are purchased as a memorial, but others have been purchased for birthdays, anniversaries, by organizations and with favorite sayings from guests who want to support the zoo.  Wording is limited to 32 characters per line (two).  Cost includes climbing vines in appropriate locations. All placement locations must be approved by the zoo director.


Legacy Stones - Call for availability.

Natural stone boulders add character to the already beautiful zoo landscape and last a lifetime.  Each stone is unique and averages 1500-1800 pounds.  Stones are available for purchase and include signage with an engraved name, statement or both.  Additional cost for plaques with photos or larger size.  All placement locations must be approved by the zoo director.


NEW - Carousel Bricks  

Engraved bricks are now available for purchase with open availability in front of the new Conservation Carousel.  Bricks are available in three sizes: 

  1. 8" x 4" ...........$100 

  2. 8" x 8" ...........$250

  3. 12" x 12" ........$500


Together, we can preserve and enhance the legacy of Lee Richardson Zoo for future generations.

Whether your interest is in wildlife, conservation, research or other areas, a gift to the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo will have an ongoing impact.  All memorial and tribute donations are considered gifts to Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo and are tax-deductible. 

Your financial support will help us:

  • Build and renovate exhibits

  • Improve the zoo experience by making the grounds more beautiful and accessible

  • Expand the guest amenities to accommodate visitors

  • Build the future of Lee Richardson Zoo by supporting our endowment

If you have questions about making a donation or have an interest in supporting a specific area of Lee Richardson Zoo that has not been listed, please contact us at 620-276-6243 or fill out and submit the form below. 

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