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Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo Membership

Safari through the grasslands and explore Garden City’s favorite family destination: Lee Richardson Zoo!

Every membership to the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo is packed with adventure and a full year’s worth of drive-thru admission-free fun. Lee Richardson Zoo is committed to providing the highest quality care for our animal residents. Your gift directly supports efforts to enhance animal habitats and improve the quality of life for our animal ambassadors. 

Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo membership is accepted at more than 150 AZA-accredited zoos, aquariums, and institutions nationwide.  Kansas has seven AZA zoos in total.  When visiting a participating facility, present your membership, and photo ID and you will receive free or half-priced admission and may also receive discounts on experiences, souvenirs, gifts, and food.  

Not all AZA-accredited institutions participate, so be sure to check the reciprocity list you receive with your membership and if unsure about available discounts, call the destination institution BEFORE you visit. Membership contacts and phone numbers are listed next to the discount for each facility.  Keep in mind, most membership offices are only open on weekdays.  You can also download the most current reciprocity list below.  

For more information or any questions you may have please call, 620-276-6243, or email

Membership benefits



Year-round FREE drive-thru admission


One (1) membership card


Free or reduced admission at over 150 accredited zoos & aquariums nationwide


10 percent members-only Safari Shoppe discount


Safari Cycle punch card (inquire at Safari Shoppe)


Zoo Gnus newsletter subscription


Invitations to zoo events


Two (2) membership cards


50 percent Richardson Railroad discount


Opportunity to buy members-only Skeleton keys (for those on your membership) during "Boo! At the Zoo"


Four (4) membership cards


Two (2) free Safari Cycle Rentals (choice of a single, double or triple cycle)


Eight (8) membership cards


Two (2) "A Wild Affair" tickets

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