Safari through the grasslands and explore Garden City's favorite family destination: Lee Richardson Zoo!

Every membership to the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo is packed with adventure and a full year's worth of drive-thru admission-free fun. Lee Richardson Zoo is committed to providing the highest quality care for our animal residents. Your gift directly supports efforts to enhance animal habitats and improve the quality of life for our animal ambassadors. 

Lee Richardson Zoo is  Open!

Together We Give

These are challenging times, and you have likely started to feel the impacts of the pandemic in your community.  I hope you are taking good care of yourself and staying safe and healthy. 

For the first time in our 45 years of supporting Lee Richardson Zoo, we made the hard decision of canceling our fundraising activities and events.  While it was disappointing to everyone, we felt it was the correct decision.   In lieu of attending one of our beloved special events or activities or just because you love our Zoo, we hope you will consider supporting us in one of or all of these ways:

  • Consider a donation for Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo through the Western Kansas Community Foundation during MatchDay, November 15 - December 1, 2020.

  • Consider a donation directly to Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo on Giving Tuesday, or what we like to call, Giving Zoo Day, December 1, 2020.

  • Join our Facebook giving challenge #UNselfie, share your post on social media, say how you are giving or why you are giving, and encourage your friends to give.  

  • Become a Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo member or give someone special the gift of a FOLRZ membership this holiday season.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and dedication to Lee Richardson Zoo, especially now during these trying times when we need it most. 




Jessica Norton

Executive Director

Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo

MatchDay on Tuesday, December 1, is an incredible opportunity for Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo.  From November 15 – December 1, Western Kansas Community Foundation will match donations made to our organization and we could potentially receive 50% of the match pool.

How to donate:

  • MatchDay is moving online! Help us streamline the event by making your contribution online. Transactions are quick, easy, and safe.*

  • Date:     Beginning November 15th - December 1st at 11:59:59 pm

  • *If you prefer to donate by check, mail checks to WKCF at 402 N. Main, Garden City, KS 67846. To be eligible for a match, checks must be made out to WKCF with a memo or giving form designating the benefitting Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo, and must be postmarked November 15th - December 1st.

  • The 2020 match pool is $75,000, and it will be divided among participating organizations in proportion to the total amount raised. We can earn up to 50% of the pool if contributions to our organization that day equal 50% or more of the total amount raised by all participating organizations.

  • As an extra incentive to donate, prize grants will be given throughout the day based on various criteria.  We can also earn prize grants if we raise the most money.

  • Donations $20-$2000* per donor, per organization, are eligible for a match. Credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments will be accepted.

*Only donations between $20 and $2000 will be matched, however, all donations will be accepted.

  • Donations are tax-deductible and can be divided among multiple organizations. Receipts will be issued to each person making a donation.

If you missed the Match Day deadline above or you would just like to donate directly to us for #GivingTuesday, #GivingZooDay, or just because, you can do that here.  DONATE NOW


noun (uhn-sell-fee)

A selfless selfie and a show of support for Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving back. Take a pic, tag Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo, #givingtuesday, and #UNselfie, and upload to your InstagramTwitter, or Facebook from now through December 1, 2020.


(For the hashtag enthusiasts, you can add #matchday and #givingzooday too if you like ;)


  1. Share how you are giving back or why you give on any piece of paper or print our blank form. 

  2. Say Cheese!  Hold up your #UNselfie sign and take your selfless selfie. 

  3. Share your #UNselfie on social media, tag Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo, and encourage your friends to give.

Download our printable blank

#UNselfie form here!

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