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One month at a time...

Lee Richardson Zoo connects people with wildlife, inspiring appreciation and understanding of the natural world through conservation, education, and engaging experiences. Though the City operates the Zoo, the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo and our community have partnered together for over forty years to serve as the ambassadors of the Zoo. It is because of your continued support that we are able to perpetually strive to provide better habitats for our animal residents. We hope that you will consider a sustaining monthly gift to Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo and join our monthly giving program. Even small amounts given monthly can add up in a big way. Please complete the pledge form below and return to the Friends.  Donations are vital to the success of our zoo, so please give to the best of your ability.

Why join Wild Friends?


  • It’s 100% tax deductible.

  • Get a special update about the Zoo via “Zoo Gnus” email blasts. Folrz members already receive Zoo Gnus with an annual membership.

  • Receive a summary in January of your donations for the previous calendar year.

  • Your name(s) will appear on our Wild Friends Club board unless you choose to be anonymous.

  • It helps the zoo!

Wild Friends is our monthly giving program and not associated with an annual membership. If you would like to set up your membership to automatically renew, please indicate that on your renewal and we will be happy to help you set that up.

(Please note there is a $10 a month minimum for this donation)

To find out more please click the Friends image below, submit the form below or call the office at 620-276-6243.


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Wild Friends Pledge
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Thanks for submitting!

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